PJIC Monthly Updates

The SCNY Office of Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation assists the Congregation and its leadership, Sisters and Associates in exercising a ministry of peace, justice and integrity of creation. Please read the Updates (PDF) below for more information.

July 2024: Eucharist and Migration is the theme of this July’s PJIC Office Update. This summer the Sisters of Charity of New York Immigration Committee invite you to bring our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters in a special way to Eucharist and to reflect on these words from The Theology of Migration: Bodies of Refugees and Body of Christ, by Daniel G. Groody. Click to read. The “God Walks With Us” Prayer incorporates quotes from Pope Francis’s 2024 Message for World Day for Migrants and Refugees and reminds us all that “God walks with us”. Click to read. 

June 2024: The Sisters at Kittay gathered on June 25 to pray and reflect on “The Legacy We Leave Behind – a Laudate Deum Prayer”. We invite you to pray this Laudate Deum Prayer and join us in praying that we all take responsibility to leave a legacy of hope, love and joy.

April 2024: Passionate about composting, Ms. Margaret T. Linehan, a member of Creations Transformative Energy Committee, developed this three page resource. Though it focuses on New York City’s composting capabilities and a little about Yonkers, NY., the information and links to articles give an overall picture of the possibilities and challenges of composting in an urban area. Click to read. 

December 2023
An Invitation to Reflect on the Vocation of Farmer and How Our Lives Intersect: Exploring And Unpacking the Gift and Power of Food Print In Our Lives! 

This Advent 2023 the Creation Transformative Energy Committee of the Sisters of Charity of New York offers a reflection on the Vocation of the Farmer. After listening to James Ennis’ presentation at our first Food and Faith Justice Series we became more aware of and connected to small rural farmers and their experiences. We realized we had much to learn and reflect on. Join us in reflecting on how and where the vocation of a farmer intersects with our lives. May we pray for greater awareness of CALL, RESPONSIBILITY, PATIENCE, and ABUNDANCE in our lives and throughout the world. Click to read. 

November 2023
The Climate Crisis is real! We must act now for a world that is not just sustainable, but livable. What we do in the next six years will determine the future of the world we want.

Successful outcomes are needed from COP28. The Sisters of Charity of New York’s PJIC Office invites readers to join faith leaders around the world in praying for the success of COP28 (Nov. 30  Dec. 12). Click to read.

May 2023
The PJIC Office Creations Transformative Energy Committee invites readers to reflect on the information in this SCNY PJIC Office Update on single use plastic, its presence, use, and effects on our lives and the planet. May our reading and reflecting on it lead us to action towards reducing the use of single use plastic and ultimately eliminating it. No step is too small. Each action makes a difference towards the healing of ourselves and Earth. Click to read.

April 2023
Each month the Sisters of Charity of New York’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform Committee offers its Sisters and Associates a monthly Learn, Pray, Act. The PJIC Office shares April’s Learn, Pray, Act for reflection, especially as we celebrate the Easter Season and Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Click to read.  The April update also touches on the Doctrine of Discovery and the movement towards land justice, healing and reparations. Take time to learn, pray and act. Links to several good resources are included. Click to read.

March 2023
The PJIC Office invites us to Pray for Restorative Justice, An End to the Death Penalty and An End to a Broken Legal System. As we prepare to enter into the mysteries of the passion and death of Jesus, especially on Good Friday, take a moment to view this 2 ½ minute video from Catholic Mobilizing Network. Click here to watch and reflect on similarities between the legal system today and Jesus’ time. Reimagine how we might be an Easter people bringing God’s justice to life as we journey to a justice that heals wounds, celebrates life and is worthy of dignity that God has bestowed on each of us.

February 2023
In this February 2023 Update, the PJIC Office and its Voting & Anti-Racism Committee invite you to learn, advocate and share about the need for criminal justice reform in New York State and our country. This Update includes information on current New York State bills. Click here to read. We invite you to join us in raising awareness, learning and advocating for just criminal law reform. We hope to continue our learning via an online conversation on this topic in the near future.

December 2022
The Sisters of Charity of New York are committed to address systemic racism and their complicity in it. This PJIC Office December 2022 Update compiles resources that were offered to Sisters and Associates in FOCUS (the SCNY weekly internal newsletter) to raise awareness on racism, Christian nationalism and reparation and our call to act together to create a world where justice, peace, equality and love are manifest in our personal and collective attitudes and actions. Join us this Advent in reflection and action by glancing at the Update and choosing one resource to read or view as we pray, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel (God with us). May we be awake to welcome the Prince of Peace and the Light of the World, Jesus, into our hearts!” Click here to read.

November 2022
The Creations Transformative Energy Committee members researched and wrote this November PJIC Office Update to answer the question, “Why eat less meat?”. We hope this Update reminds us that eating less meat is one action we can all take to care for our common home, to address climate change and to live more sustainably thus ensuring a more lifegiving and life nourishing future for Earth and the young of today and of future generations. Click here to read.

October 2022
This October 2022 PJIC Update offers information on initiatives to end homelessness in New York City that Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing is involved in. The PJIC Office invites all of us to pray for and take action that persons without homes might be treated with respect, dignity and welcomed. Read the update here.

July 2022 PJIC Office Special Summer Update
Read about June 11th Sisters of Charity of New York Congregation Day on Laudato Si’. Visit links you are drawn to. Links will bring you to past PJIC Office News or other resources that relate to different ways of living Laudato Si’. Read the update here

June 2022
Take a moment to look at what the PJIC Office and its Committees have been involved in from September 2021 – June 2022. If there is an area or focus that interests you consider offering your skills and time as a SCNY PJIC Volunteer! Read the update here.

May 2022
Jenn Puac, a young adult PJIC Office volunteer, is living a spirituality of advocacy. Her summary of what she learned at NETWORK Lobby’s Training is an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of “a spirituality of advocacy” and our call to live it. Read the update here. To read more about Jenn and a spirituality of advocacy visit the blog story.

PJIC Office Director offers a Pentecost reflection on a Spirituality of Advocacy and an invitation to explore our call to live it. Read the reflection here.

July 2021
For July, the Office of Peace, Justice, and Integrity of Creation offers a Special Update on the shutdown of the nuclear power plant at Indian Point, which can be found by clicking here. Director Sr. Carol De Angelo offers a resource for reflection and prayer to deepen our ecological conversion. Click here to read.

June 2021
The PJIC Office offers three June updates, each focusing on Environmental Justice. The first update focuses on just land usage – click here to read. Read the second update to learn more about environmental justice, air, and energy –  click here to read. Click here to read our third update on water and environmental justice.

Laudato Si Update May 2021
This Special PJIC Update celebrates and promotes Laudato Si on its sixth anniversary and discusses the Sisters of Charity of New York’s commitment to ecological conversion.

May 2021
May’s PJIC Update promotes vaccine equity and a just distribution of aid and medical care. Resources for further research and prayer are also provided.

April 2021
April’s PJIC Update Celebrates Earth Day, April 22, and offers opportunities for prayer, reflection, and action to restore our common home.

March 2021
This March, the PJIC Office celebrates Women’s History Month; especially the prophetic role of women’s leadership in the Catholic Church.

February 2021
February’s PJIC Update celebrates Black History Month and some of the many contributions of Black folks to the Body of Christ.

January 2021
This National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the PJIC Office invites you to prayer, reflection, and action in solidarity with the victims and survivors of human trafficking and slavery. We pray these resources help us to grow as ethical and responsible consumers.

December 2020 Special Update
The PJIC Office invites you to engage with a Special Update on Care of Creation. You will find resources, prayers, reflection, and calls to action related to Creation and our integral relationship with it.

November 2020
Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of Christ – in history, in our lives, in this NOW time. In this November PJIC Office Update you are invited this Advent to pray, learn and reflect on what it means to be anti-racist. We are grateful for the permission to include resources (a partial list) from the first part of Ignatian Solidarity Network’s 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge. Sisters of Charity of New York are committed to addressing systemic racism and our complicity in it.

September 2020
The PJIC office shares resources and reflections on the Season of Creation and invites readers to remember, return, rest, restore, and rejoice in God’s creation.

August 2020
The PJIC Office shares articles, prayers, and reflections written by Black scholars, clergy, and religious. As people of faith, we have the responsibility to stand against injustice in our country and our world. We must affirm and demand that Black lives matter.

July 2020
The PJIC Office shares and invites people of faith to read and sign Faith in Action‘s Declaration of Responsibility in the Struggle for Racial Justice.

June 2020
An update from the PJIC Office on the impact of COVID-19 on marginalized communities and Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people.

April 2020
An update on the PJIC Office’s collaborative efforts to promote integral ecology on the 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

March 2020
What does a faithful response to COVID-19 look like? A request for prayers, reflection, and action from the PJIC Office.

February 2020
An update on the PJIC Office’s collaborative efforts to combat climate change and promote Laudato Si‘s teachings on integral ecology.

January 2020
An update on the PJIC Office’s collaborative efforts to end homelessness.

December 2016 – January 2017
Sisters of Charity, Associates and colleagues were at the United Nations and on the streets of New Orleans, LA, Washington, D.C. and New York City praying and advocating for the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Agenda—for inclusion, respect and dignity, equality for all.

November 2016
Responding to Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si’, Sisters of Charity put “Love in Action” and give thanks for all who live the charism of charity according to their specific calling and gifts!

October 2016
Food and water continue to be issues that Sisters of Charity are concerned about – locally, nationally and globally. The October 18th Awakening the Dreamer workshop examined the role each of us as humans can play in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

September 2016
Sisters of Charity and colleagues address the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in many ways. In this issue, through collaboration with groups like BREAD and SAPE (Stop Algonguin Pipeline Expansion), we educate, raise awareness and advocate for safety, health, food and security.

July 2016
Sisters of Charity of New York participate in systemic change through prayer, presence, witness, and advocacy on critical issues of today: Network’s Mend the Gaps” Campaign, Clean Renewable Energy Movement, and Sisters of Charity Federation Prayer for gifts of wisdom and discernment for all the electorate as we prepare for the November elections.

June 2016
Sisters of Charity advocate against hunger and for clean renewable energy. Associate LeeAnn Brathwaite participates in Washington, DC, Bread for World Lobby Day; Sisters of Charity Federation NGO Liaisons meet in Emmitsburg.

March – April 2016
Associate Debra Gish shares her experience of family reunification at the Mexican-Texas border; CMSV graduate interns assist in PJIC Office; centrality of Gospel Nonviolence affirmed at Rome conference.

February 2016
Sisters of Charity and colleagues respond to Pope Francis’ call and challenges in Laudato Si.” Read about two Laudato Si’ conferences and two initiatives: addressing forced labor and advocating for a New York State Driver’s License for undocumented.

PJIC Update Jan 2018
Join the Sisters of Charity of New York in a ministry of peace, justice and integrity of creation. Seek to be a “beholder who offers a contemplative gaze” on our Common Home, Earth, its people and all communities of life, especially refugees, migrants, those enslaved in human trafficking, and decision makers responsible for the public good.

PJIC Update May 2018 Special Edition Water
Special Edition on Water
Water is the Source of Life. Sisters of Charity of New York continue to focus on water and related issues as we enter the Water Action Decade (2018-2028).

PJIC Update August 2018
Caring For Our Common Home
This update is in celebration of the third anniversary of Laudato Si’ and in hope that upcoming events will inspire humanity to action on behalf of peoples and the planet.

December 2014 –January 2015
During this Year of Consecrated Life, we take time to identify how Sisters of Charity of New York are responding to Pope Francis’ call to look to the past with gratitude, live the present with passion and embrace the future with hope.

November 2014
Do you wonder how women religious are envisioning the ministry of peace, justice and care of creation? Read about the LCWR November Conference, Entering the Transforming Future: JPIC Ministry in the Coming Age of Religious Life for social justice promoters and find out.

October 2014
Public witness and presence are ways Sisters of Charity of New York respond to their call to follow Jesus and live the gospel. Read this issue to find out how SCNY speak out for dignity and sacredness of life and against injustice and inequality.

September 2014
Provides a glimpse of what Sisters of Charity and Vincentian Family members experienced at the People’s Climate March in NYC. Keep the People’s Climate Movement growing by going to www.ourvoices.net

Summer 2014
Information on the September 21 People’s Climate March, the Climate Change Vincentian Family Social Representatives Statement and a glimpse of what the Catholic Climate Covenant’s website can offer.

June 2014
Highlights various ways Sisters of Charity and Associates offer support, presence, advocacy and witness to people who are undocumented and face deportation and detention.

May 2014 Update
The Sisters of Charity are addressing global poverty and climate change through collaborative efforts of two of their Task Forces, Global Poverty and Creation’s Transformative Energy.

April 2014
Find out about the April 12 gathering of Sisters of Charity and colleagues. Consider “Acting on Behalf of Justice from a Contemplative Heart” by finding out more about SCNY Task Forces.

March 2014
Sisters of Charity and Associates heed the call to welcome the stranger and accompany immigrants through presence, advocacy and systemic change. Corporate public witness taken in March is listed.

February 2014
Sisters of Charity continue to make connections between faith, climate change, lifestyle and those living in poverty. Read about participation in events such as the UN Commission on Social Development and Rally to Say No to Fast Tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty.

January 2014
We give thanks to all who participate, in unseen and multiple ways, in the ministry of peace, justice and integrity of creation. See list of corporate public witness from December 2012 through January 2014.

December 2015
In this Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Sisters of Charity, Associates and Colleagues heed Pope Francis’ call “to be a credible witness to mercy, professing it and living it as the core of the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

November 2015
This November 2015 PJIC Update gives thanks for the Climate Marches and Events throughout the world urging world leaders gathered at the Paris Climate Summit to take action to: reduce carbon emissions; keep temperature rise at 2°C or less; and, help those facing effects of climate change. We also give thanks for a new PJIC volunteer, and CMSV students and veterans.

October 2015
PJIC Update highlights collaborative efforts that educate on and advocate for supportive housing, climate change and safe clean renewable energy. Advocacy volunteers are needed!

September 2015
Sisters of Charity of New York bring Laudato Si’ to life in many ways: sisters at Elizabeth’s Place share on elder wisdom and contemplation and inform world leaders that they care about climate change and its impact on those living in poverty. Sponsored ministries and colleagues address On Care for Our Common Home from different perspectives.

July-August 2015
This issue asks readers to make connections between LCWR, Sisters of Charity of New York 2015 Assembly Calls, and each one’s participation in a ministry of peace, justice and integrity of creation. Sisters, associates and colleagues join in Campaign for a Cleaner Hudson through a prayer vigil and advocacy.

June 2015
Pope Francis calls us in Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home to dialogue and conversation. Read how Sisters of Charity of New York are in conversation about issues that Pope Francis highlights in his new encyclical.

May 2015
Network and collaborating with other groups is essential in continuing the mission of the Sisters of Charity of New York. ROAR (Religious Organizations Along the River, GreenFaith, Franciscan Action Network, Global Catholic Climate Movement, Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing, Bread for the World are but a few of the groups that help keep the charism of charity alive and carry it into the future.

April 2015
A glimpse of efforts to network and collaborate with young people and other groups in caring for each other and Earth.

March 2015
Highlighting the Mother Elizabeth Boyle Immigration Prayer card, SCNY involvement with CSW59, Corporate Responsibility, Nodine Hill Organizing Initiative, and the Cosmological Spirituality Group.

February 2015
A look at the efforts of Sisters of Charity of New York, Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing (IAHH), and other groups to address homelessness and housing through changes in New York State legislation, as well as the implications of fast tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty.

December 2014 –January 2015
During this Year of Consecrated Life, we take time to identify how Sisters of Charity of New York are responding to Pope Francis’ call to look to the past with gratitude, live the present with passion and embrace the future with hope.

December 2013
Sisters of Charity join with the Archdiocese of New York and Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Center in the Pilgrimage for Reform Immigration. They collaborate with others to increase awareness as people of faith about sustainability on a finite planet.

November 2013
Sisters and Associates speak out on hunger and poverty and recommend the viewing of the documentary, A Place At the Table. SCNY join with CMSV students and other groups in the Super Bowl Hotel Outreach Campaign.

September – October 2013 Update
Sisters and Associates participated in several events, some with CMSV students, to pray for, educate, and raise awareness on world peace, immigration, human trafficking and fracking.

March 2013 Update
Read about specific ways PJIC Office, with sisters, associates and colleagues, are responding to God’s call, as articulated by Pope Francis I, “Let us protect with love all that God has given us.”

February 2013 Update
Includes information on the many ways the Sisters of Charity of New York are involved in systemic change. We are all invited to participate in the Vincentian Systemic Change Project by increasing our awareness and practice of systemic change in our lives, including work and prayer.

January 2013 Update
Some activity this month involved connecting with groups such as GreenFaith: Interfaith Partners for the Environment; Peace and Justice Directors in the Sisters of Charity Federation; and, Interfaith Action on Climate Change.situation in Haiti.

November 2012 Update
Superstorm Sandy and Climate Change are connected. Take some time to reflect on ways to respond through contemplation, ongoing conversion and prophetic action.

October 2012 PJIC Update The first update from the newly structured Office of Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation of the Sisters of Charity of New York, highlights ways the Sisters of Charity try to connect global and local issues.

October–December 2017
During the Fall 2017 Semester, Ms. Krystle Bell, PJIC Office Intern, represented SCNY PJIC Office at several meetings that focused on climate sustainability in New York City. Read highlights of two events she participated in.

Special Edition September 2017
This special issue on human trafficking introduces Katerina Pecora, PJIC Office graduate intern, who is increasing awareness on human trafficking at College of Mount Saint Vincent. Find out more on how consumer choice and power can stop trafficking.

July 2017
Read about events that offer opportunities to pray, reflect and act on Laudato Si’ and the Sustainable Development Goals.

June 2017 Special Edition
Join the Global Poverty Task Force and the Sisters of Charity in ending hunger and addressing Sustainable Development Goal #2.

May 2017
Read about Sr. Claire Regan’s ministry of peace and reconciliation in New Orleans, LA and the “Healing of Our City” efforts among NYC Police and faith ministers. Join with the Sisters of Charity in praying for, and working towards peace, reconciliation and healing.

April 2017
Sisters of Charity of New York care for our common home, Planet Earth, and participate with colleagues to ensure a sustainable quality of life for future generations, human and non-human.

March 2017
Read about the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) and how Sisters of Charity are promoting the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

December 2016 – January 2017
Sisters of Charity, Associates and colleagues were at the United Nations and on the streets of New Orleans, LA, Washington, D.C. and New York City praying and advocating for the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Agenda—for inclusion, respect and dignity, equality for all.

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