Sisters Hill Farm

Sisters Hill Farm

Sisters Hill Farm is located in Stanfordville, NY, (central Dutchess County) on property that was willed to our Congregation in 1916. The land was worked until the 1940s; it was revived in 1998 when the Sisters of Charity established this community supported agriculture farm.

Today, SHF provides its hundreds of shareholders with nutritious, chemical-free food grown using organic methods, as well as an opportunity to grow in friendship and mutual support of the earth. The mission of Sisters Hill Farm is “to grow healthy food which nurtures bodies, spirits, communities and the earth.”

 Since the first year in 1999, Sisters Hill Farm has graduated more than 40 apprentices, harvested over 1.5 million pounds of produce, and grown the community to over 300 families.

Another important part of the SHF’s mission is to share the harvest with those in need. The farm shares a portion of its fresh produce with individual families, soup kitchens, and organizations serving the materially disadvantaged in both New York City and Dutchess County. These food offerings are a natural extension of the Sisters of Charity mission to those living in poverty. In an average year, Farmer Dave and his apprentices harvest over 90,000+ pounds of produce from 7–8 acres. 

Sponsoring the SHF furthers our commitment to ecological and sustainable property management.

To learn more about Sisters Hill Farm, contact Director/Farmer Dave Hambleton at or call 845.868.7048.

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