Sisters of Charity Ministry Network

The Mission Continues

Sisters of Charity Ministry NetworkIn September 2015, Sr. Jane Iannucelli, then President of the Sisters of Charity, announced the creation of the Sisters of Charity Ministry Network. The purpose of the new organization is to strengthen Sisters of Charity of New York sponsored ministries and focus staff members, trustees, volunteers, and donors on the mission and values of the Founders.

The first member organizations of the SC Ministry Network are the incorporated ministries: Children’s Rehabilitation Center, Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, John A. Coleman School, New York Foundling, New York Foundling Charitable Corporation, Saint Elizabeth Seton Children’s Foundation, and Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, Inc. Unincorporated ministries such as Casa de Esperanza, Sisters Hill Farm, and Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates are expected to become part of the SC Ministry Network at a future date.

The initial Network Board of Trustees includes Sisters and one lay woman who serves as Secretary of the Board. In the future, the Board will be expanded to include more of the laity. “Our lay colleagues have always embodied our mission and values,” said Sr. Jane. “Now, serving on the Network Board, they will be actively involved in plans for the future. The goal is to provide orientation and ongoing programs to enable all to integrate the mission and core values into their everyday work. We believe that the Sisters of Charity Ministry Network will promote the distinct culture and vitality of mission that is evident in SCNY sponsored ministries today.”

The creation of the SC Ministry Network was made possible by the tireless efforts of the Sponsorship Advisory Council who worked with board chairs, the CEOs, and canon and civil lawyers. With their help, the Network will make a difference now and in the future.

Members of the original board are (from left): Margaret Sweeney, OP, Treasurer; Karen Helfenstein, SC, Assistant Secretary of the Board; Jane Iannucelli, SC, then Chair of the Board/President of the Corporation (now chaired by Sister Donna Dodge, SC); Sheila Brosnan, SC, Trustee; and Jennifer Coffey, Esq., Secretary of the Board.

Since the time of its creation in 2015, the SC Ministry Network has been a work in progress. On June 19, 2018, the Board held its third annual meeting, which provided the opportunity for each ministry to present its report. The enthusiasm for the Network and its outreach to those in need was inspirational for all participants. After attending the meeting, Sr. Dorothy Metz, former president of the Congregation and current Board Chair of the St. Elizabeth Seton Children’s Foundation, wrote to Sr. Karen Helfenstein to say,

… your presentation was excellent today. So much good has been accomplished with the assistance and inspiration of your office. It had to be rewarding for the CEOs themselves to reflect on how mission oriented they have become. Kudos to you.

The Congregations asks for prayers for the ongoing success of the SC Ministry Network to ensure a future for its ministries as they continue to prepare leaders to carry on excellent compassionate service and peaceful encounters to all in need.

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