Health and Human Services

It is from your hands that Our Lord,
in the person of the sick, seeks relief.
St. Vincent de Paul

Dedicated care-givers, our Sisters and Associates are committed to being a healing presence in our communities. We serve as doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators, educators and chaplains at many health care facilities in the metropolitan area of New York and beyond.

We provide counseling in parish offices, social service agencies, private offices, funeral homes and retreat house settings.

Impelled by the need for systemic change we are passionate advocates of health-care reform and are committed to keep the needs of vulnerable groups of people before the eyes of our elected leaders. We write letters and send emails to those elected to legislative offices in our cities, our state and our country. We collaborate with Church leaders, pastors and members of our local parishes in sharing the good news and praying together with them.

We take part in socially responsible investing so that the needs of poor people are considered as we choose where to place our modest investments.

As sponsors of several hospitals and health related institutions, we partner with our lay colleagues to provide quality care for today’s needy immigrants, the homeless, the poor, children and uninsured people.

We invite our family members, friends and colleagues with financial resources to assist us in supporting various ministries by their generosity with their talent, and their time and resources.

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