The Sisters of Charity of New York, in their peace, justice and integrity of creation ministry, collaborate with many groups.  For a deeper understanding of and to take action on issues that you are interested in, please visit the appropriate websites.

  1. Jubilee Network USA – international debt relief:
  2. Bread for the World – hunger:
  3. NETWORK – social justice issues: <
  4. Justice for Immigrants – immigration reform:
  5. New Sanctuary Coalition NYC – immigration reform and accompanying those facing deportation:
  6. Catholic Climate Covenant – environmental issues, especially relating to climate change:
  7. GreenFaith –  interfaith group concerned about environment:
  8. Atlantic Chapter Sierra Club and local Lower Hudson group – environmental issues:
  9. Riverkeeper – environmental issues:
  10. Interfaith Center of New York – social, cultural, interfaith and environmental issues:
  11. Pax Christi USA – nonviolence and peacemaking issues: and its regional branch, Pax Christi Metro NY:
  12. ROAR – network of religious congregations and organizations concerned with land use in the Hudson Valley:
  13. New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) – advocacy for immigrants in New York State:



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