1. Elizabeth, loving daughterHazard Yet Forward by Margaret Beaudette, SC
    Encourage in all children obedience and love
  1. Elizabeth, troubled teenager
    Speak to today’s confused, sometimes abused young people
  1. Elizabeth, Faithful wife
    Grant gifts of love and generosity to all spouses
  1. Elizabeth, caring mother
    Share your mother’s heart with all parents.
  1. Elizabeth, grieving widow
    Look with compassion on all bereaved spouses
  1. Elizabeth, loyal friend
    Teach us to share friendship generously.
  1. Elizabeth, heroic searcher of truth
    Guide all who, with fear and doubt, seek the way.
  1. Elizabeth, courageous convert
    Strengthen the newly baptized as they embrace the faith.
  1. Elizabeth, sorrowing mother
    Console those parents suffering the loss of a child.
  1. Elizabeth, steadfast religious
    Inspire young women to follow in your path.
  1. Elizabeth, inspired educator
    Share your gifts with all teachers.
  1. Elizabeth, a woman for all women
    Bestow your charism of love and service on all women today.

Litany of St. Elizabeth Seton by  M. Irene Fugazy, SC (dec. 5/18/18)
Hazard Yet Forward Sculpture by Margaret Beaudette, SC (dec. 3/12/12)