By Sr. Carol De Angelo, Director, Office of Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation

It was a delight to be with the Sisters at Kittay Senior Apartments on June 25. I was greeted warmly by sixteen Sisters at their weekly discussion group. Currently they are reading Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter, Laudate Deum. At their invitation, I was asked to focus on Laudate Deum and Technology.  One highlight from their sharing was hearing how they offer others a legacy of hope, love and joy through their faith, vocation, personal and communal prayer, community living, and relationship with God and others. 

We invite you to pray the prayer service the Sisters used, “The Legacy We Leave Behind” – A Laudate Deum Prayer. After reading a section from Laudate Deum, the Sisters responded together, “May we take responsibility for the legacy we will leave behind – a legacy of hope, love and joy.” While acknowledging the gifts that technology gives us, the Sisters also recognized that that we need to use our power wisely and in consideration of our relationship with others, human and nonhuman. We touched on the power of prayer, presence, awareness and actions (no matter how small) to touch and transform ourselves and others, especially the privileged few whose great power influences our culture, society, economy and policies, often impacting negatively those already vulnerable.

We invite you to join us in leaving a legacy of hope, love and joy, especially for the children. Our prayer for ourselves and others: May we use our powers of imagination, intelligence and freedom wisely, with respect and humility at the service of the common good and those most vulnerable. May we use our power to create a culture of care and compassion. Click to read/reflect/pray the prayer service.