On Saturday, October 23, 2021, about 100 Sisters and Associates and their guests gathered in the Immaculate Conception Chapel to witness the Associate Commitment Ceremony. 

During the ceremony, the Congregation was blessed to welcome four new Associates into Associate Relationship: Jessica Gamez, Christopher Gray, Nicholas Malizia, and Kathleen Mayer.

In addition to receiving new members, eleven Associates renewed their commitment: LeeAnn Brathwaite, Lilly Cross, Cathryn M. Donahue, Todd Gable, Jr., Selina Herrera-Nicholas, Gillian May, Kathryn O’Loughlin, Marie O’Shea, Maureen Reiser, Stephanie Rodway and Katelyn Wentworth. Four Associates made lifetime commitments: Anne Gray, Cia Kessler, James Landy and Lynne White.

New Associate Christopher Gray with mother, Anne Gray, who made a Lifetime commitment.

Associates prepared by engaging in an extensive study of the Congregation’s mission and charism.  They have been invited to share their statements about their relationship with and commitment to the Congregation. A few excerpts:

Jessica Gamez:

“The Mission of the Sisters of Charity sparks passion in my work to aid in the healing of the sick.  I will not only follow in their footsteps but will continue forth as part of the new generation of nurses in the spirits of Saints Vincent de Paul, Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Louise de Marillac.” 

Christopher Gray:

“It’s community that I seek.  As St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was called a “Citizen of the World”, I have always felt connected to the world around me.  Often when asked how I’m doing, my inclination is to speak only the best about my friends and those around me.  We’re all aware of the hardships of life, for that is the essence of life, to experience and grow, but each individual journey is different.  I admire St. Vincent de Paul, who recognized those hardships and dedicated himself to the poor.”

James Landy became a Lifetime Associate, and niece Gillian May renewed her Associate Relationship.

Nicholas Malizia:

“It is my commitment to the Mission of the Sisters of Charity that I will use my gift of healing to help those who are poor in health.  I will make this real by not only living my life focused on Mission, but also by focusing my gifts to help all of those who are poor in all ways of life.”

Kathleen Mayer:

“I will rely on my faith, and this is one more step in my faith journey.  I have always put my trust in God and prayed to Mother Seton, especially when my sons were younger.  God and Mother Seton always answered my prayers.”

Congratulations to our new Associates!

Maureen Reiser, Director of Associates, contributed to this report.