logo-anno-vita-consacrata_en width=I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be “a Sister,” as we would say. I loved my teachers and what drew me most firmly into walking in this way was how they loved one another, how they enjoyed being with us children and we with them. A number of my Canadian family are priests, religious and oblates; I come from a very “religious” family. What keeps me in religious life? I am loved by Love; and I will be faithful to the commitment to fulfill the mission of Jesus in the Gospel in my lifetime: to strive to be open to the Spirit. Our Elizabeth Seton calls it/tells us to “meet our grace” in every circumstance.

I feel that by our very nature, we women seek to gather, to nurture, to include all. As a religious woman, all people have the right to expect that this gathering, nurturing and all-inclusiveness serve the mission of Jesus. I am a mental health counselor and a sculptor. The compassion of Jesus who sought to bring wholeness, courage, peace and all-embracing acceptance finds expression in this work. My sculpture seeks to bring that which we cannot see into a more tangible form. The pieces are meant to invite reflection, intimacy with the Holy, and in that stance, brings the good news of God’s love for each of us into focus.