We Pray

We, the Sisters of Charity of New York and Associates, pray for the sixty-plus victims who died in the tragic bus incident this past week. We mourn the loss of their lives, and the loss their deaths will cause to our nation. Each person only sought a better life yet died horribly on a deserted road.

We pray that the survivors of this tragedy may recover and be provided a future in this country that, too often, oppresses migrants and asylum seekers. We unite with Pope Francis in asking our God to open the hearts of all Americans so that desperate humans never again need to risk their lives to live in America.

We pray that our government and church leaders will realize that positive action must be taken today. The time for studies and discussions is long since passed. Each day sees the death of a new neighbor.

Our faith teaches us to love ALL God’s creation. We, as Catholics, cannot choose to love some and let others suffocate in the heat of a locked truck.

We ask for God’s mercy on all victims of our country’s cruel and inhuman treatment of migrants and asylum seekers. We ask for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to allow us to begin our love of neighbor throughout America anew.