Time shall be no more. Eternity reigns. An eternity of endless days, endless ages — time, division of time no more. My God how awful (awe inspiring) this thought. All I know is there will be no more of such time as is now my own. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (CW IIIa, 508)

Time shall be no more. Eternity reigns.In this quote from Elizabeth Seton, “time” seems to be ticking, as it is repeated four times. This image of a mechanical time piece —with its turning wheels, its complex layers, its intricacies, and oscillating impulses— marks the division of time, Chronos.

Kairos, is God’s time. It is depicted by rays of light, discreet, gently intense. Kairos illuminates Chronos, raising it up. Each moment in a life, every tick of time, becomes transparent, translucent, brought to light in Kairos.

Elizabeth Ann was living kairos time in a chronos world — the deepening of moments, not the measuring of seconds. Something eternal breaks through. Something profound and awe- inspiring, something already present in her, something already known and everlastingly connected to her.

Again, Elizabeth Seton writes, “Never let the comparison of time and eternity slip from your mind.” (CW II, 680)

–Catherine Salani, SC Collaborator; educator by day, artist by heart

Image: Time shall be no more. Eternity reigns. By Catherine Salani