As we celebrate Father’s Day, we are confronted with daily newspaper articles and photos of children being torn from their families at our southern border. Children are being warehoused in locations unknown to their parents. Such separations are tragic for both the child and the parent.

Executive orders are not the law of our land. The gospel says that love is the highest and greatest commandment. How can we come between the love of parents and their children?

The Sisters of Charity ask all citizens to join together to honor families in a way that speaks of unity and that keeps families together throughout our country, and especially at our borders. We ask all to join in prayer and action to say “No More!”

We stand with the Sisters of Charity Federation in issuing the following statement:

Sisters of Charity Federation logoWe, the Sisters of Charity Federation of North America, support the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ statement that separating children from their mothers and fathers at the United States/Mexico border is immoral. Protecting the integrity of families is foundational for a healthy and just society.

We also cry out against the recent decision of the U.S. Attorney General that potentially strips asylum protections for women who are victims of domestic violence. We urge the U.S. Attorney General, courts and policy makers to enhance, not erode, the potential of our asylum system to protect the right to life.

The Sisters of Charity Federation of North America is a voluntary membership association of thirteen congregations of women religious that number over 2,600 sisters. Impelled by Christ’s love and joined together in the mission of Charity, we respond to the cries of people living in poverty and on the margins.

The Sisters of Charity Leadership Team