By Sister Margaret Egan

Recently, Fr. Chris Keenan, Associate of the Sisters of Charity and our dear friend, informed us that he has received a “Letter of Mission” from his Franciscan Community. He will be leaving residence at Mount St. Vincent effective June 1, 2022 to reside in a Franciscan Friary in Butler, NJ. Fortunately, Fr. Chris plans to return to the campus two days a week in continued service to the college and as Associate of the Sisters of Charity.

Saddened by our “loss,” but grateful for the blessings Fr. Chris has brought to us, the Sisters of Charity wish to express our deep gratitude for all he has been for us.

Fr. Chris has served the Sisters of Charity by his omni-presence, his service to Mount St. Vincent Convent, his dedication to LEFSA and by the many untold, unknown but realized gifts he has been to so many.

Thank you, Fr. Chris. We are grateful and we love you.

Sisters of Charity and Associates