Supreme Court Ruling Provides Temporary Protection for DACA Recipients

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Our mission as Sisters of Charity of New York calls us “to strive to reveal God’s love…with and for all in need.” The ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States as it affects our DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival) recipients shows that God’s love remains in our society today. While the Supreme Court ruling is not a clear-cut victory for our DREAMERS, it does force the present administration to rethink its appeal. 

Timing is critical because an appeal will not surface until 2021 and crucial elections take place in a few months. We are relieved that over one million DREAMERS, including over 650,000 DACA recipients, will not fear deportation this year. Their contributions as teachers, health care workers, food growers, food servers, military members, civil servants, and friends will continue. Their children can return to school with a sense of security. Families will remain together.

We must be aware that the Court’s decision did not support the DACA recipients; it ruled that the Trump Administration did not follow the law in this process. The decision gives us hope for the rule of law and constitutional justice in America. It tells us, on a limited basis, that the moral authority we expect from our leaders and judicial appointees is alive.

While we continue to pray for our Supreme Court Justices, we must also pray for our Congress members. Immigration laws must be reformed quickly. We pray for such to begin in January 2021.

Trust and hope that we find a path to soften our hearts, open our minds, and see each other welcoming others. We ask all to walk with us as we seek a world that strives for the NO’s: no poverty, no hunger, no suffering, no war, no terror and no fear…anywhere in our world.

The Leadership Team