St. Louise de Marillac, by Iandry RandriamandrosoDuring this time of pandemic, death, social isolation, economic uncertainty and disrupted lives, we listen to the wisdom of Louise, ask for her assistance and come before our God to pray for our broken world.

Let us pray:
Louise, you who so frequently were faced with events and circumstances that no one ever faced before, intercede for us and guide us as we face this new and perilous time. Amen

Pause for silent reflection after each quotation:

“It is Divine Providence alone which must keep us and provide for all our needs, particularly those which human prudence can neither foresee nor meet.” (Spiritual Writings p. 164)

Pause and reflect

“Do not be upset if things are not as you would want them to be for a very long time to come. Do the little you can very peacefully and calmly so as to allow room for the guidance of God in your lives. Do not worry about the rest.” (Spiritual Writings p. 614–615)

Pause and reflect

“This, it seems to me is the road that God wills you to travel to reach him, however difficult it may appear. Enter upon it, then, wholeheartedly as we would a vessel that will carry you wherever you must go.” (Spiritual Writings p. 481)

Pause and reflect

“We should raise our minds to God and depend only on Him, remembering that, from all eternity, He has been sufficient to Himself; consequently, He can and should be sufficient for us.” (Spiritual Writings p.160)

Pause and reflect

Sharing: Share a word, phrase or thoughts from these quotations from Louise that you want to remember.

Let us pray
Response: Louise intercede for them

For all those suffering from Covid 19, we pray…
For all those who fear death, we pray…
For all those who work in hospitals and nursing homes, we pray…
For all who provide food for the hungry, we pray…
For all who mourn the loss of a loved one, we pray…
For all leaders, that they might find the appropriate words and actions in this time of
uncertainly, we pray….
For all who seek to find vaccines and cures, we pray…
For all who must find new and creative ways of doing the ordinary, we pray…
For those who suffer from mental illness, we pray….
For those who provide “essential” services that we rarely think about, we pray…
For the poor throughout the world who have the least and suffer the most, we pray…
For whom and what else do we need to seek Louise’s intercession….

Let us pray together:
Good and gracious God, you give us St. Louise as a model and intercessor. May we follow her example of trust in Your constant presence in our lives. May we place our uncertainty, fear and helplessness in your hands, as she did. Have mercy on our world. Amen

Prayer by Sister Mary Ann Daly, SC


Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac, ed. & trans. by Sr. Louise Sullivan, DC (New City Press, 1991)
Illustration of St. Louise de Marillac by Iandry Randriamandroso, ©VCCS, used with permission.