As Sisters of Charity “called to be women of healing, sensitive to the wounds of persons and to the systemic evils of our times” (Constitution 1.4) we join our hearts and prayers with all those affected by the recent shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo. Psalm 137 speaks of those in exile sitting beside the waters of Babylon and weeping.

We, too, weep for those who have died and been injured as we seek to express our feelings of grief, sorrow, loss and anger over the senseless gun violence that holds our country and its people hostage. We pray with all people who value and respect life that our feelings may turn into actions so that we may address the root causes of gun violence in our country and create laws and policies that make it safe for our children to go to school and for people to walk the streets and feel safe in their own homes.

– Sr. Carol De Angelo, Director, Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation