Timing Is All

Cherry Blossoms, Mount Saint Vincent

No pause 
for cherry blooms, crabapple flowers,
no pause for lilac buds. Iris stalks
rise like lava from core of Earth,
find a way up and through,
forging, fierce, relentless,
sense of timing

Sr. Regina Bechtle (2020)

~  ~  ~  ~ 

A bough-borne
                        sheaf of leaf,
A color beauty
                        burst of bloom,
The splendor smell
                        of sapling tree,
And, winter-won,
            Spring rises
                        from the tomb! 

Sr. Jean Miriam Donachie, SC (dec.)


Image: Cherry blossoms, Mount Saint Vincent, by Sister Margaret Egan, SC
Poems presented courtesy of Sister Regina Bechtle, SC