A new SCNY blog, located at blog.scny.org, highlights personal perspectives on topics relating to the work of SCNY. Titled VOICES, the first entries include short essays by Sister Carol De Angelo, Associate Bill Hurley, Sister Regina Bechtle, and Sister Mary Ann Daly.
The blog will be a place to read reflections on issues such as social justice, housing and food insecurity, Laudato Si’, immigration, gun violence, access to health care, spirituality, and more.
The published posts reflect a variety of voices. For his essay “Black Lives Still Matter,” Bill Hurley (Associate & Co-Chair, Immigration Committee) discusses his journey toward a fuller understanding of racial justice, systemic racism, and marginalization. Sister Mary Ann Daly reflects on the multiple meanings of being called a “sister.” For another post, Sister Regina Bechtle ponders St. Francis de Sale’s treatise on the love of God and the difference between “affective love” and “effective love. In two separate posts, Sister Carol De Angelo ponders the personal stories of immigrant women and how they have become important presences in her life.  
The blog is easily accessed from the home page of scny.org. Look for “Blog” in the top menu.