He calls us by name and we follow

The Good Shepherd by Sr. Margaret BeaudetteJesus is the open door that gives access to the sheep. He is the Good Shepherd — our only source of salvation. He is good, that is, noble — different from those shepherds, who would permit wolves to devour their sheep. He gives his life for us and knows us intimately as he with the Father.

“Whoever enters through me is saved.” Life has many ways but not all lead to success nor bring us to life in abundance. Those, however, who opt for Jesus and follow him “lose their life” but save and gain their life in its fullness.

One is able to enter and to leave. Here Jesus gives us this space where one is free to choose whatever option life offers. Can we hear his call?

The sheep follow the shepherd because they know his voice.  Those who are poor, the world, the church, our communities, all created beings have needs and Jesus needs us as well – our hands, feet, mouths and hearts to build God’s Reign.

Let us ask Jesus to fine tune our ears and open the door of our hearts to respond and follow him. Let us leave aside other voices that are not the voice of our Teacher.

We have only one Teacher.

For your reflection:  Do I listen to the voice of Jesus?
                                    Am I open to follow him?

–Sr. Rosenda Castañeda

Sr. RosendaSr. Rosenda, the Congregation’s first vowed member from Guatemala, ministers at a clinic in Santa Cruz, Quiché. She serves as the Congregation’s Vocation Director in Guatemala, and also as a member of the national vocation team.