2017 Annual LEFSA Picnic in Central Park

Games, face painting, conversation, and great food took center stage at the LEFSA (Life Experience Faith Sharing Associates) Annual Picnic where over 200 adults and children came together in a lovely shady section of Central Park on Saturday, July 8, 2017. Karolina May, Director of LEFSA, James Addison, LEFSA Director of Operations, and team members James Butler, Mario Pimentel, Georgia James, and Jimmie Robinson, who arrived in Central Park at 8 am to set up, enthusiastically greeted guests and made everyone feel at home on the warm but beautiful summer day.

Held in the same location for over twenty-five years, the picnic has become a true celebration of old and new friends. This year’s picnic also highlighted the 200th Anniversary of the Congregation. Before opening the food line, James Addison welcomed all and offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the food and the support of those who made the day possible.

The food was donated by Jack McDavid, a chef from Philadelphia who not only transported his award-winning cuisine, he sent two of his children, Jason and Mary, to help serve the food and make the Caesar salad. Jack even provided dessert—Philadelphia’s famous Beiler’s Donuts. And no LEFSA picnic would be complete without Barry and Golda Markman’s generous donation of shrimp, which was combined with corn by McDavid to create a delicious main dish. For the second year in a row, LEFSA friend Jack Rodgers was instrumental in organizing the donations and helped serve the food. Among the volunteers on hand to serve were Sisters, Sisters of Charity Center staff members, family, and friends.

LEFSA team members and friends helped make the day enjoyable for all by making sure that those physically unable to stand on the food line also shared in the buffet. The food was not only delicious, it was plentiful.

The day ended with hugs, smiles and much gratitude for the generosity of many and the multitude of blessings bestowed on all.