Be Kind

One of the more surprising outcomes of being forced to isolate and maintain social distance has been the kindness I have encountered.

Self-isolation has been difficult. Trying to keep my spirit up is a daily challenge, but I’d like to share how one person changed my somber mood on a recent Friday morning.

I treat myself to a flavored coffee once a week at a drive-thru Dunkin Donuts. The sweet aroma that wafts through the car makes me happy at the start of the weekend. This one Friday was rainy and chilly, and the forecast for the weekend was no better. My Saturday plan to sit on the deck with a book was not going to happen, so I decided to have my coffee on Friday instead.

Upon placing my order, I learned that an ongoing promotion provided a free donut. “Great,” I said, “I’ll take a glazed one!” I moved to the payment window, where I learned that the woman ahead of me gave the server ten dollars to buy as many coffees as possible for the people coming after her. My coffee was free!

What a thoughtful gesture and lift to my spirit! Overwhelmed by this woman’s kindness, I spontaneously tipped the server the five dollars I was originally going to use as payment for my coffee. He was so grateful.

As I drove away and took my first sip of coffee, I realized that I was now part of something bigger than myself. The kind gesture made my day and changed my attitude. I continued to work feeling happy and hopeful. And yes, the feeling has stayed with me. It reminded me that a simple act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life, even one coffee at a time.

Anne Marie Gardiner
Director of Development