(We apologize for the late posting of this reflection. It may be late, but we think you will agree that it still has great value.)

READINGS:  Acts 2:1–11; Psalm 104; 1 Corinthians 12: 3–7, 12–13 (or Rom. 8:8–17); John 20:19–23 (or John 14:15-16, 23–26)

Pentecost in every languageMay these prayers and reflections on the Holy Spirit, gift of God, spirit of Christ, fount of life and fire of love, lead us deeper into the graces of this feast.

Pure Gift of God, indwelling presence, promise of the Father…
Response: If we but knew the gift of God, You who pray in us, through us, with us, and in spite of us.
Life of Jesus, compassionate observer, hidden love of God…(response)
God’s secret plan, warmer of hearts, attentive heart, will of God…(response)

–Litany of the Holy Spirit, Richard Rohr, OFM, excerpt, adapted

~          ~          ~          ~

 In so many ways she (Elizabeth Seton) harnessed for God the energy of love. In so many ways she made strides toward discovering FIRE. Today she invites us to follow in her footsteps. In our lives, individually, and as a Congregation, Elizabeth invites each of us and all of us together again to discover FIRE – the love of Charity. 

–Carol Barnes, SC, at the closing of SCNY 175th anniversary year, 1992


~          ~          ~          ~

God’s creative Spirit renews and restores all that is barren. God’s caring and compassionate Spirit makes whole what was broken and gives us the power to forgive. God’s community-making Spirit unites in love all that is divided.     –Regina Bechtle, SC

~          ~          ~          ~

God of passionate life,
you who light the inner blaze and tend the flame,
be in our midst today
as we claim our time in history.

We ask for the gifts of listening, understanding and patience
and the ability to speak sensitive responses
as we allow the future to unfold
and continue to carry out our mission faithfully.

We know that the movement of your fire brings change…
and from that change comes new life, transformation.
God of passionate life,
fan the embers, stir the flame,
that our feet may go boldly where hearts afire may lead.

May we emerge from whatever fire has touched us
— purified, re-formed, transformed.

Guide us, O God, to use the fire’s intensity to change,
the fire’s light to see and understand,
the fire’s pillar as our guide, and the fire’s heat to create.
May we be filled with the Spirit, the One who is Fire!   Amen.

–Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, KS