Readings: Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 69; Romans 5:12–15; Matthew 10:26–33

We know certainly that our God calls us to a holy life, that He gives us every grace, every abundant grace, and … this grace is able to carry us through every obstacle and difficulty. (St. Elizabeth Seton)

Shields Family

A great day for the Shields family: Matt, Victoria, daughter Daisy (2) and newly baptized son Peter.

Sunday’s reading from Romans 5:15 speaks of the “grace of God” that “overflows.” We asked several of our Associates: How would you name the grace of being a father?

Frank Devaney: How would I name the GRACE of being a father? I would say the privilege is “the GIFT that keeps on giving”. As fathers, we are co-creators with God. We bring into this world individuals who, in turn, overflow LOVE and GRACE to many others.

May the LIFE and LOVE given by me to my children and grandchildren spread widely through our lives of service. Abba Father for first giving me this GIFT!

Bill Hurley: Fatherhood has been all about dreams. As a young father, I would watch my kids playing in their own fantasy world. Caring for a doll, I would dream of a potential doctor. Building sandcastles, my dream saw an architect. As they grew, I realized my dreams no longer mattered. It was their dreams that gave me joy. My joy today is seeing three adults living their dreams.

Joseph Molinatti: Being a dad is difficult, you make many mistakes along the way. One mistake I NEVER made was the importance of Christian values in my son’s life. He is now incorporating that into his parenting with his three children.

Matt Shields: The grace of God overflows in the joy I find through the curiosity, energy, and wonder of my young children. While challenges certainly remain, I am struck by the simple opportunities to grow in love with them each day.

Steven Sweeny: I am in perpetual awe that God shares the very act of creation with us and allows us, encourages us, to bring forth life. This is not just in a single act of procreation but in a thousand ways over the lifetime of our children. This is the undeserved honor and joy of fatherhood. At every age there is for father and child shared laughter and tears, stumbling and getting up again, exploring, and letting go. And, because “the grace of God overflows” in our love for each other, father and child, we find God’s love. Isn’t God good!

Thanks to each of our respondents, not just for their written answers but most of all, for their loving response to their vocation as fathers.