The following is from the Autumn 2020 issue of Vision

Seton Scholarship recipient and CMSV senior Olivia “Liv” Hilliard is a shining example of how the Sisters of Charity continue to inspire the next generation of nurses. Liv chose the Mount for her nursing degree because of the Seton Service and Leadership Program. The program was perfect for her. Her volunteer service in high school shows she lived the Charism of Charity long before coming to the Mount.

Over the last three years, Liv has volunteered in every ministry. She particularly enjoys using her passion for dance, such as dance therapy for Parkinson’s patients and “Dance with Me” at the Hebrew Home. She is also grateful for the financial assistance. Although she had been accepted at other universities, none were as affordable.

Liv has wanted to be a nurse for a long time; she helped care for her grandmother who was stricken by serious medical conditions. Liv was inspired by how involved nurses were in caring for her grandmother, a much closer relationship than the doctors.

Since the end of the spring 2020 semester, Liv is acquiring practical nursing experience working at the Sisters of Charity Convent. The sisters appreciate her service; several said she is friendly and hard-working. Cathy Sullivan, RN, FNP, Director of Nursing at MSV Convent, says of Olivia, “Olivia Hillard is a young woman with an innate talent and ability in the field of healthcare. She provides excellent care to everyone at the Convent. Olivia’s energy coupled with her compassion makes her a talented and accomplished team player, creating a synergy and ‘can do’ attitude.”

And Olivia loves getting to know the sisters! She has especially enjoyed learning from the nurses and nurse practitioners. “They are all amazing!”

By Lisa Shay, SC Associate