By Barbara Srozenski, SC

Sr. Margaret SmithSister Margaret Smith has been a Sister of Charity for sixty-five years and characterizes herself as a happy person who always wants to make others happy. She states that her life has had its ups and downs, challenges and successes, and has done things she never thought she could do. But God’s grace and community support helped her overcome many difficulties. Being missioned to the Bahama Islands from 1961 to 1971 broadened her outlook and provided opportunities to be more outgoing. A big challenge was being appointed principal of Sacred Heart School in Hartsdale, NY. Here the community provided her with education, helping her to grow professionally, while retreats and a sabbatical enabled her to enhance her spiritual journey.

Now in retirement at the Assisted Living residence at the New Jewish Home, Sr. Margaret is engaged in a whole new ministry: that of active listening. She visits Sisters who do not “know” her and prays with and for them. She uses her time to reach out to others with a word, a gesture, or small service. She still enjoys making people happy and does so from a heart filled with gratitude to the God who has given her so much happiness.

Thank God for your goodness, Sr. Margaret!