Director of Development Anne Marie Gardiner welcomed guests.

Director of Development Anne Marie Gardiner welcomed guests.

Xaviar’s X20 in Yonkers was the setting for the very successful first annual Fall Luncheon. There was an energy present from the moment the first guests entered the room, an energy that remained throughout the entire day. Guests were clearly happy to be a part of this first-time event on such a beautiful day. Executive Chef/Owner Peter Kelly was on hand to greet the Sisters of Charity and guests as the event was launched at his beautiful waterfront restaurant.

Sr. Jane Iannucelli and Executive Chef/Owner Peter Kelly

Sr. Jane Iannucelli and Executive Chef/Owner Peter Kelly.

In her first event as Director of Development, Anne Marie Gardiner introduced herself and welcomed everyone. Sisters Jane Iannucelli, President of the Sisters of Charity, also welcomed guests and offered a prayer of grace and thanksgiving before lunch was served. After everyone enjoyed their meal Anne Marie introduced Sister Karen Helfenstein, Director of Sisters of Charity Sponsored Works. Sister Karen introduced the directors of the seven sponsored ministries that were represented and provided a brief overview of the invaluable services and assistance provided by the our ministries.


Sr. Karen Helfenstein, Director of Sponsored Works

After dessert was served, Anne Marie pulled the winning tickets of the basket raffle winners as our ministry directors delivered the baskets to the happy recipients. Sister Jane then pulled the winning ticket for the 50/50 raffle, which totaled $19,000.

At the end of the day, the crowd of 185  enjoyed the company of colleagues, friends, Sisters, and Associates just as much  as X20’s elegant gourmet cuisine. Anne Marie expressed the appreciation of the Congregation to all guests and extended  special gratitude to Development Associate Mary Ann Lynch, who helped planned the event.

We look forward to welcoming all again next year for the second annual Fall Luncheon. If you didn’t make it this year and wish to be included on our mailing list for next year, please contact