Elizabeth Seton, Filicchi portraitJanuary 4, 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of Elizabeth Ann Seton’s death.

Elizabeth Ann Seton

Wife, mother, foundress, saint. Her steadfast fidelity, unwavering hope, astute ability to trust in her own experiences, make her a woman for our times as for her own. As we commemorate the 200th anniversary of Elizabeth’s passage into glory, let us pray:

Faith lifts the soul on one side.
Hope supports it on the other.
Experience says it must be,
and Love says- let it be.

Call to prayer:

O Holy One of Blessing, in the spirit of Elizabeth, open our eyes to the sacredness of all that we shall encounter on our journey this day. Make us whole, make us holy. Help us to love you and each other. Fill us with the wideness of your mercy that lovingly embraces all. And help us grow in wisdom and grace and the goodness of the ages. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

A Canticle of Elizabeth*

God will provide, that is all my comfort.
Never did that Providence fail me.

When our blessed Providence speaks,
we ought to look far beyond our present….
and so we go… all passes, possess…
the One who is unchangeable

Every step we take all day long
is a step of nature
or a step of grace.

I am going to the Mountain for a walk.

I cannot look around
without seeing something delightful.

 Try to promise me that whenever you see a sun set
you will lift your heart with mine,
and pierce beyond God’s golden clouds.

The union of my soul with God
is my wealth in poverty
and joy in deepest afflictions.

from various writings of Elizabeth

Reading:  Philippians 3: 7–11
(I count all as loss because of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.)

Reflection: spend a few moments of quiet with Elizabeth

Intercessions: based on the Anima Christi, one of Elizabeth’s favorite prayers, which she adapted for her own use.

 Soul of Jesus, present in the spiritual hungers of the human family
– Sanctify us

Blood of Jesus, poured out so that the world might know your peace
– Wash us

Passion of Jesus, in solidarity with those left broken and dying on the fields of this world’s uncaring
– Comfort us

Wounds of Jesus, opened again and again by the ravages of disease and lack of access to health care
– Hide us

Cross of Jesus, borne by those who carry the daily burden of injustice and oppression”
– Support us

Love of Jesus stirred in our hearts by our lives of service and charity
– Inflame us

For what else shall we pray?

Closing prayer: (adapted from a prayer of Elizabeth)

O Lord, keep us ever on the way to you by the right paths of charity. Recall our wanderings, help us to hear your voice with gladness, and rejoice in your salvation this day. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

– prepared by Sr. Mary McCormick, SC