Sr. Donna Dodge

Sr. Donna Dodge, President of the Sisters of Charity

“A good time was had by all,” was the sentiment at the sixth Annual Fall Luncheon on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at Xaviar’s X2O on the Hudson. Sister Donna Dodge, President of the Sisters of Charity, welcomed guests and introduced the Leadership Team who assumed their new roles on July 1.

In her brief presentation Sister Donna reflected on why the event is so wonderful: all the ministries of the Sisters of Charity benefit in some capacity from the funds raised at the annual luncheon. She added, “Please believe that we are extremely grateful for your continued support. We cannot do what we do without you.” Sister Donna concluded with a blessing for the food and on all in attendance.

Later in the luncheon, Sister Karen Helfenstein, Director of Sponsorship Services, introduced ministry directors in attendance then invited Matt Janeczko, the new Director of the Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC), to talk about his new role. Reflecting on the ministry he oversees, Matt noted, “In housing, one of the most important issues is space: space to build, space to rent, space to park, space to live. Space also denotes a difference between housing and a home. Open space can be used for housing; space that is filled —and filled well— creates a home.” He also updated attendees on the progress being made with the new affordable senior housing venture in Rockland County, Vincent’s Village.   

Good food, good company and a chance to win designer handbags, jewelry, restaurant gift cards, and a 50-50 raffle totaling nearly $20,000 contributed to the happy mood and magnificent, “almost autumn” ambiance on Water Grant Street in Yonkers!

We hope you plan on joining the “good time” in September 2020!

By Sr. Mary Ann D’Antonio