By Sisters Marie Tolle and Cecilia Harriendorf 

A dental team from Washington State recently volunteered their services at our clinics in Novillero and Nahaula, Guatemala. The energy and commitment of dentists Bart Roach, Greg Fradel, dental hygienist, Michelle Love-Calier, and dental assistant, Alena Nelson, were a great gift to the Sisters of Charity, to the people we seek to serve, and a wonderful extension of the Diocese of Spokane’s long-standing support of Guatemala.

Doctor Jose Miguel, who heads our medical clinics, took the lead in gearing up our dental equipment for use.  Additionally, the team from Washington donated large amounts of dental supplies.

In one week the crew of five was able to complete 53 cleanings, 389 fillings, 167 extractions and 234 sealants. Wow! Doctor Bart Roach’s mother, Nancy Roach, also joined us. In addition to providing an extra set of hands, Nancy visited two schools, demonstrated proper brushing, and distributed toothpaste and brushes to all the children.

Doctor Bart Roach has indicated his desire to duplicate this week-long effort three times a year. We are prepared to support his dreams and efforts in every way possible.

Please keep this enthusiastic young man and his can-do spirit in your prayers. Thanks to his generosity, we’re smiling brighter in Guatemala.