By Eileen M. Fagan, SC

Charity Rising—Now More Than EverWe are at this new day, filled with the graces God has showered upon us through all of yesterday, Friday, March 29. Sister Jane reminded us as we began the day that this is our time for Charity Rising, this is God’s time. God Calls us to dream our future to journey with all, especially with those on the margins. We are called to table fellowship, no one is left out.

As we sat at the table, we responded to the questions:

  • What do we want to do with this wonderful life, this life where the Spirit of God is beating in all of us?
  • What do we want to say at this time?



We heard such statements as:

  1. This is all God’s work.
  2. Thank you.
  3. We do not fear tomorrow. God will walk with us into the future.
  4. We are all God’s seeds, ready to blossom and flower with new life.

We then moved on to our Constitution and Directory changes. These changes were made in response to the signs of the time, and to better equip us to carry our mission into the future, in the midst of all its paradoxes, ambiguities, and, might I add, social ills of our world.

Yesterday, we were pushed to a level of listening, beyond our own powers of analysis, to the grace and gift of divine life. In the few moments of silence, we pondered the question: How do we move into the third century and allow the creative work of God to take its course?

We walk into the next century as brave and daring as we heard from the three panelists who shared with us their peace and justice work. They illustrated for us their response to Pope Francis’s call to listen and respond to our suffering environment. We are called to be in solidarity with all of creation, to be advocates for others.

In concluding our day, our Guatemalan Associates called for the General Assembly of Charity to look for ways to ensure ongoing communication and dialogue that will free us for a deeper communion with each other and the world.

Today, God is calling us to be one world, one people of God, all joining together in the Gospel work of compassion and mercy, to allow sustainable life to blossom and flourish. May we not turn away from that call.

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