By Charlotte Raftery, SC

Sister Theresa GravinoI am so touched in my most important ministry right now by the gift and privilege of visiting my eighty-nine-year-old brother, Dom, at St. Joseph Nursing Home. He is such an example to me, so accepting of his situation. He never complains. I am able to bring him things he needs and enjoys – clothing, food, desserts, cigarettes when he runs low, so he can have his smoke three times a day.

God continues to surprise me in my being able at age eighty-five to function on my own, and to be able to comfort others and be of service in many ways. I am the “Prayer” for local communities, and I coordinate and lead the hymns for the community daily Mass, using the gift of voice God has given me.

Living here at the Mount is living the “hundredfold” surrounded by all this beauty and so many blessings. I live in the spirit of “to give is to receive,” that sharing keeps up happier than not, being available to comfort in small ways in the “give and take” of everyday life.

It is in Baptism that God calls. Vocation to religious life means being chosen. I trust that the future of religious life and our Mission is in God’s hands. Lay people are continuing our work. It is a privilege to be among people, be touched by others, to be in community and just to share life, prayer and support.