From centuries ago, the words of our founders still resound, full of wisdom and insight for today. Saints Elizabeth Ann Seton, Vincent de Paul, and Louise de Marillac invite us to deepen our relationships with Mary, the mother of Jesus, with Christ’s gift of the Holy Spirit, with those around us, especially those in need, with all the members of the Body of Christ, and with God’s glorious creation.


He will direct your heart to that prayer of the Spirit which neither occupations nor pain can drive from it — tho’ it may not be active, still it is there.

Heart of Jesus, receive me.
Spirit of Jesus, enliven me.
Goodness of Jesus, pardon me.
Beauty of Jesus, draw me. (excerpt from Mother Seton’s adaptation of the prayer, Anima Christi)

All nature speaks to us of heaven — the delights of the morning — a flower of the field.


Since God is satisfied with our good will and honest efforts, let us also be satisfied with the outcome He gives to them.

Let us endeavor to grow more and more in the confidence that in whatever state we are placed by God we shall be secure, although we may think that we would be better off somewhere else.


I felt interiorly moved freely to place myself in a disposition of total availability…I must perseveringly await the coming of the Holy Spirit although I do not know when that will be. I must accept this uncertainty, as well as my inability clearly to perceive at this time the path which God wishes me to follow in His service. I must abandon myself entirely to His Providence so as to be completely His.

They [the Sisters] should be the image of the Most Holy Trinity; and even though they are several, they should form but one heart and one mind.

I trust [our hearts] will be in complete harmony in the Heart that contains them both, and that is the Heart of Our Lord.


Charity Wisdom from Our Friends

The People of God believes that it is led by the Spirit of the Lord, who fills the earth. Motivated by this faith, it labors to decipher authentic signs of God’s presence and purpose in the happenings, needs, and desires…of our age. (Gaudium et Spes, Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Vatican Council II, #11)


What’s the thing that’s not in the world that should be in the world? (Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize)


The cry and anguish of the poor
Triggers off our own cry and anguish;
We touch our point of pain and helplessness.
But then we discover the new name of God,
The name revealed by Jesus,
Of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit;
The Father will send a Paraclete.
It is a beautiful name, meaning literally
“the one who answers the cry or the call”,
like a mother who takes in her arms her weeping child.
She is a paraclete.
The name of God is “the one who answers the cry.”
Mercy and misery embrace! (Jean Vanier, The Broken Body, 1988)


The construction of the Kingdom of God entails risks, and only those who have the strength to confront these risks can be its builders. (Bishop Juan Gerardi, auxiliary bishop of Guatemala City & champion of human rights, assassinated April 26, 1998)


Jesus died and rose. The disciples saw this in him but within themselves they felt a death as if a part of them had died. The grace of the moment of their death was an awakening within them of the Holy Spirit—in them, with them, through them and around them. Calling them back to themselves, to God and to Jesus…. (Mary Stuart, SCNY Associate)