March 12 is the fourth anniversary of the death of Sister Margaret Beaudette. Sister Margaret, or “Sister Peggie” as she was often called, was an accomplished sculptor who spent her ministry in education. From 1969 until 1989 she was head of the Art Department at Elizabeth Seton College, Yonkers, and taught at Saint Athanasius School and the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

On April 4, 2002, Sister Margaret gave a reflection at St. Francis Xavier Church, Manhattan, at their celebration of religious life.

She reflected on the Emmaus reading (Luke 24:13–35) of the day:

“I have been walking on that road to Emmaus and all along the way, Jesus has, little by little, revealed himself to me…. My understanding of what the vows I took many years ago – poverty, chastity and obedience – really meant has changed and developed over these years…. The ideal stance for me, in which I fall far short, would be for me to say, “I want to be the face of God in this world.”…. (in her sculpture) I attempt in this artwork to reflect God’s beauty and, as it were, become the artwork I am making.

“So here I am today at Emmaus. I look around me and see the footsteps of hundreds and hundreds of Sisters of Charity who have gone before me. But, all their footprints are headed in the other direction, away from Emmaus and back to Jerusalem. And on their way, I see they stopped to heal the sick, teach in the schools, care for the orphans and console the sorrowful. Now back in Jerusalem, at the journey’s end, they proclaim for all to hear — ‘We have seen the Lord, He is risen, indeed.’ I want to follow them on this road.”