Sr-Regina-re-Eliz-Seton-at-ShrineAs part of the celebration of its 110th Anniversary year, Cathedral High School invited alumnae to gather together at the Shrine of Elizabeth Seton on State Street on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The purpose of the gathering was to help alumnae learn more about the “beginnings” of the school and its association with the Sisters of Charity.

The day began at the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in downtown Manhattan. Sr. Regina Bechtle, SC, gave a brief presentation about the life and work of Elizabeth Seton, the founder of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Regina concluded her reflection with a brief prayer to Elizabeth Seton.

Sr. Margaret Egan, SC, who is both a Board member and alumna of Cathedral High School, summarized the Sisters of Charity and its role in the founding of Cathedral, and how the school has continued the SC mission to this day. Sister Carol Barnes, also an alumna of Cathedral, provided an overview of the Sisters of Charity contemporary mission endeavors. Monsignor Leslie Ivers, Administrator of the Shrine and Church, and gracious host for the day, presented a brief history of the shrine.

Following the presentations, Sr. Regina led a group on a walking tour of locations in lower Manhattan that were significant to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. The group visited Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s Chapel and St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

An informative, enjoyable time was had by all.