Advent wreathLove opens the door between two worlds. Advent invites us to risk the inward journey. God waits for us on the threshold to welcome us into the new place of belonging. With the Company of Charity surrounding us, let us mark this season of expectation with gratitude, joy, renewed fidelity.

* * * * *

Love, the guest, is on the way!

God, Father and Mother, you sent Jesus Christ as the Child of Destiny. He came to tell us that we all have a place in the family you loved into being. As Advent unfolds its mystery of unconditional love, help us reach out to our sisters and brothers broken by poverty and alienation. Help us to set our table with the bread of compassion, the wine of mercy, and the light of justice and peace.


Louise prayed:

I gaze upon you today, most pure Virgin Mother of Grace, since it was you who not only provided the matter for the formation of the sacred body of your son, at a time when you were not as yet actually a mother, but by bringing him into the world you became both Mother of God and Mother of the Man who at His birth brought a new law to the world, the law which alone leads to eternal life. You are the Mother of the Law of Grace because you are the Mother of Grace incarnate… I shall manifest my gratitude to you by the praise I offer, by my zeal in helping others to recognize your greatness, and by renewed devotion and trust in your powerful intercession with God.

Elizabeth, too, had great love for Mary:

Mary, full of grace… Mother of Jesus, O! We love and honor our Jesus when we love and honor her… Mary returning our love to Jesus, our prayer passing through her heart with heart with reflected love and excellence. Jesus delighting to receive our love embellished and purified through the heart of Mary as from the heart of a friend. Everything delights us. How can we honor the mysteries of Jesus without honoring Mary in them all!


Psalm 68

A mighty throng will awaken, millions upon millions, to the Beloved who dwells within. They will hear with the heart’s ear, with their heart’s eye will they see. Even many who knew not Love will come into the Light. Blessed be the Beloved, who daily bears us up: The Comforter who leads us to wholeness.

The Beloved calls us to new life and guides our feet away from darkness. Nan Merrill


Use the readings from an Advent Sunday that speak a message of hope to you.


Where in the readings do you find cause for hope, solace, a return to wholeness?

With Louise and Elizabeth, we search our depths, praying for

     All that is waiting to be born in us, through us, and for us!

To meet my grace

 I will spend time this Advent seeking the light, living the truth, practicing love.

* * * * *

Taken from the book, Belonging by Mary Mc Cormick, SC. Used with permmission.