As people of faith and faithful citizens, we pray these days before, on and following Election Day that we work for a democracy that values respect, dignity, inclusiveness, and equity.

We pray that voters, election workers, those who hold political office, those who are campaigning, and all people be safe from threats, violence, and intimidation.

We pray for those misled by a sense of Christian nationalism.  May we commit to learning more about this growing movement in our nation. As faithful Christians, we pray that our speech, actions, and attitudes witness to gospel values and living lives of love.

May we take time to listen to people with differing views so that we may know the values that we and they espouse and desire for ourselves and our country.

May this knowledge lead us to work together for the common good.

May justice, equity, and love flourish in our country.

May the blessings of God’s peace, love and compassion be on us, our country and all its peoples.