On February 11, 2022, twenty students from Saint Raymond Academy for Girls in the Bronx participated in an Engineering Day of Discovery. The experience was made possible by the goodwill of the New York office of the Thornton Tomasetti engineering firm and a staff member of the Sisters of Charity of New York who had previously worked for the firm. Ellen Mihovics, Director, Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, coordinated the event between the firm and the school.

Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center has been working with Saint Raymond Academy for Girls for several years, mentoring the girls, providing exposure to cultural events, watching movies, reading books together, and providing career presentations.
For the February 11 event, a team of women engineers from various backgrounds and engineering disciplines shared stories of what brought them to where they are today. They provided colorful descriptions of their projects and work, and advice on the skills, work ethic, passion and path that helps lead to success in the field. Participants particularly enjoyed an interactive activity.
From acoustics to aviation to forensics, energy, structural design and sustainability, to name just a few, the team provided a great overview of the many options in engineering and the critical role their projects play in all facets of society. Before the pandemic, Thornton Tomasetti arranged to bring high school students on-site. While they hope to return to that model in the future, they have implemented an effective Plan B to keep giving back and helping future generations of women learn about the field.  

Ellen Mihovics, Director, Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, contributed to this report.