St. Elizabeth with school girlJuly 31 marks the day when Elizabeth Seton began the Sisters of Charity in Emmitsburg, MD in 1809. The following reflection was written for the 200th anniversary in 2009 by Sister Mary Beth McCurdy, SCIC, Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception, Saint John, New Brunswick.

Gentle light, candle light pierces the darkness,
Gentle heart of Elizabeth Ann communicates the sacred flame of God’s love,
Listening, inviting, encouraging, inspiring—
Gentle heart of Elizabeth Ann beating with love for “the little ones” of every age!

Gentle light bending, revealing a spectrum of color for 200 years;
Energy of charism moving across the world in a spirit of simplicity, humility and charity;

Gentle heart of Elizabeth Ann speaking to you and me once more,
“Hazard yet forward, ….go to meet your next grace … wherever “Caritas Christi urget nos!”

Mary Beth McCurdy, SCIC