SrSheila“Mission is at the heart of leadership; it can also be said that leadership is the heartbeat of mission,” says Sr. Sheila Brosnan, one of two new Regional Coordinator on the Sisters of Charity Leadership Team. In her many years in the fields of education, health care, and parish work, she has experienced a call to mission that has been “vibrant, constant, and at the same time, continually changing.”

During the past twelve years, her role has been in promoting mission in St. Vincent’s, Staten Island, and later in the long-term nursing homes of the St. Vincent’s system, and ultimately with the diverse components of the ArchCare health care system. Prior to that she spent eight years serving the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity as a Regional Coordinator. On July 1, Sr. Sheila assumes the role of Regional Coordinator once again. In her view, the scope and responsibilities of the role has expanded substantially.

The seven years she spent in Guatemala were extraordinarily rich and challenging. She was delighted to be able to communicate in the native language of Quiché, even to a limited extent. In Guatemala as well as in Chile she learned that mission is really God’s love that we can keep on discovering and uncovering. As a nurse she had the privilege of participating in direct mission, that is, in the healing ministry of Jesus.

Sister Sheila’s educational background in theology and scripture, along with training as spiritual director, has enabled her to assist people who are seeking a deeper relationship with God. “I find great joy and inspiration in journeying with people,” says Sr. Sheila.

Her favorite pastimes are puzzles, walking, reading, and spending time with family.

Sister Sheila looks forward to the challenges of the coming years and is deeply grateful to everyone who has guided and encouraged her along the way.