There are events in our life that have the power to move our hearts and inspire change. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police officers on May 25, 2020, is one such life-altering event.

In response to Mr. Floyd’s devastating murder, Sister Kathy Byrnes, SC, turned to Life Experience Faith Sharing Associates (LEFSA), a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity Ministry Network, to listen to team members’ thoughts and feelings surrounding his death. “One of the ways to transform our hearts and lives is to listen to the lived experiences of black people, to put ourselves in their shoes, and to feel the fear that they live with daily for their families,” said Sister Kathy.

Recognizing the power and depth of their reflections and the importance of sharing their message, Sister Kathy proposed making a video to Sister Donna Dodge, SC, President of the Sisters of Charity, and the Leadership Team. They immediately agreed.

“As we confront the issue of racism together,” said Sister Donna, “what better place to begin than by listening to the struggles, pains, and hopes of our brothers and sisters at LEFSA? Please take the opportunity to watch this video, share and discuss it with friends and relatives, then share it far and wide.”

With great hope in their hearts for real and lasting change, LEFSA team members and Sister Kathy are grateful to Sister Donna and the Leadership Team for their wholehearted and enthusiastic support for this project, My Life Matters.