A Reflection as Lent Begins

Readings: Deuteronomy  26:4–10;   Psalm 91; Romans 10:8–13;  Luke 4:1–13

You were, Jesus, a frighteningly simple man whose only talent was to do good. Help us, like you, to accept the poverty of the commonplace.

Sr. Eileen StoryYou knew hunger, exile, the loneliness of the outcast, an open cave for a birthplace and an open hill for a dying place. In you we seek strength to accept whatever poverty of neediness we cannot change, and courage to attack whatever injustices keep poverty alive.

You were called to your own exceptional mission, but you refused Satan’s offer of bread, wealth and worldly prestige. Keep us faithful to the poverty of our own unique, mysterious personality, and to that simplicity of self-acceptance which will enrich the community we love.

We want to sing our freedom, Lord, the freedom of the poor who choose your freedom and your poverty and your simplicity of heart.

We want to sing redemption, Lord, from calculating minds and closed hearts and grasping hands.

We want to sing the poverty of open minds and open hearts and open hands.  Amen.

Eileen Storey, SC

Sr. Eileen, an educator, student, teacher and scholar of languages, theology and world religions, spiritual director/teacher of prayer and founder of Aletheia House of Prayer, and passionate social justice advocate, died in 2005. Her obituary states, “Her hope was that through interfaith communication, peace could be won.” This reflection is adapted from one of Sr. Eileen’s books of contemporary prayer.