By Cecilia Harriendorf, SC

Charity Rising—Now More Than EverWe began the work of Assembly on Wednesday asking God—whose plans for us are perfect—to bless our actions and decisions.

In the morning we focused on health and wellness, raised questions, challenged assumptions, and advanced the idea of living well at every age.

Later in the day, we listened as Associates highlighted their charity connections. Their wide-ranging activities and commitments energize our spirits.

A panel discussion from Guatemala served as a reminder that charity is alive in all cultures, and that there is a divine spark of enthusiasm and joy in every person who dares to dream. (Introduced by Sister Mary Ann Daly, the panel was led by Sister Nora Cunningham, who serves as Postulant and Novice Director in Guatemala.)

Today, the charity story continues through the words of our Constitution, in our sponsored ministries, and our hearts.

And so we say:
Holy One,
Grant us courage when facing uncertainty,
Boldness when action is demanded,
And the graced ability to listen with love so that in all situations
Your will be done.

Ed Note: Following the opening reflection, a solemn ceremony honored the Sisters who have recently passed on to eternal life, Sister Rosemarie Bittermann, Sister Teresita Duque, and Sister Margaret Angelovich.
Sponsored ministries and SC committees are exhibiting in the “Marketplace,” an area devoted to sharing information about their work.

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