Christmas Blessings

Into this year of bruised and battered dreams,
in our ravaged lands and oceans,
on the fringes of our stillborn hopes,
grace — our grace — comes to meet us
in a child, a star, in shepherds and foreigners.

God’s love, once made flesh in Jesus,
longs to be born anew in you, in me, in us,
in the fray of now, in the mystery of tomorrow —
Emmanuel, God with us, among us, for us,
grace that floods our world,
love that never lets us go.

Christmas Blessings!

Sister Donna Dodge, the Leadership Team, and all Sisters of Charity

Prayer by Regina Bechtle, SC
Photo by Elena Miranda with assistance by Kathleen Byrnes, SC
Nativity arrangement at Mount Saint Vincent Convent by Michael Carr