Beauty grows everywhere.Despite the challenges of sheltering in place, the past months have been a time of deepening contemplation and a call to live the Beatitude: Blessed are they who mourn.

As I understand what this blessing meant in Jesus’ time, to sorrow over the suffering of the people of the world, each day’s news reports urged me to pray not only for those with COVID-19, their families and the essential workers caring for them, but also for those facing hunger— real famine in parts of the world— and those still embroiled in war. Also, I am touched by those suffering from natural disasters.

On top of all of this, I pray for all of us to work for justice in our country. Because of the limitations of confinement, more time can be given to prayer, phone calls to legislators, and letters to Albany and Washington.

The inability to assist at Mass in person and not being able to receive the Eucharist has been a loss, but one that reminds me that for many Catholics in the world, unfortunately, that is their normal. Spiritual Communion has become more meaningful as has been the realization of God’s presence in my life all day, every day.

While sorrowing over all these things, I am also growing in gratitude for keeping well, for being so cared for by the Congregation, and the concern of my relatives and friends.

May we all, each day, be open to the grace that never fails to carry us forward in peace, love, and even joy.

Sr. Anne Denise Brennan, SC


Sr. Anne Denise BrennanA Sister of Charity for over 60 years, Sr. Anne Denise served in education from junior high grades through college, including the College of Mount Saint Vincent. She also served as formation and novice director, both in New York and Guatemala. Sr. Anne Denise continues to inspire and inform through Literature and Life Reflection sessions that she offers in SC retirement homes and to sisters in other congregations. See Vision Autumn 2019, page 6.