Praying Through the Pandemic

Hands in prayer

The Sisters of Charity invite you to join us in daily prayer during this time of shared crisis.

God of the ages,
we praise your faithful love.
Christ of the now,
we seek to meet our grace.
Spirit of tomorrow,
we trust your sustaining presence.

Whatever the risk,
whatever Providence provides,
we stand secure in your love.

Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother,
in this time of fear and danger
we look to you
to protect the people of the world,
especially those most vulnerable.

As it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be,
may your love press us forward,
may Charity impel us on! Amen.

Prayer by Regina Bechtle, SC


Psalm 23

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was no stranger to difficult, even heartbreaking times. During one such time she said:

“Hope, always awake, whispers Mercy for the future, as sure as the past.” This was her way of saying “Trust that God holds everything, including us, in loving hands.” Elizabeth’s favorite psalm was Psalm 23, “My shepherd is the Lord.”

This version of Psalm 23 was written by Sr. Nora Cunningham especially for this time of need.

Good Shepherd,
Give rest to the weary in service of others.
May healing waters refresh them.

Guide those in leadership and authority to choose
right paths to wholeness of spirit and wellness of body.
As we walk through this dark valley, may we have no fear
but be courage.

Anoint all who have died and receive them into the dwelling of your house.
Console all who mourn them with goodness and kindness all the days of their life.


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