Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation


The mission of the PJIC Office is to assist the Congregation, Sisters and Associates, corporately and individually, to witness and live a ministry of peace, justice and integrity of creation in varied ways through increased awareness, prayer, presence, education, advocacy and systemic change.

Vision of the PJIC Office: The Sisters of Charity of New York will be a contemplative, transformative and prophetic presence and witness in areas of peace, justice and integrity of creation through the living of the charism of charity and the addressing of systemic change in solidarity with all life, humans and nonhuman. The PJIC Director, and all those associated with the PJIC Office, will work collaboratively with the Congregation, Leadership Team, committees, groups, individual sisters, associates and the wider public in identifying, celebrating and calling forth the many ways we practice and live peace, justice and integrity of creation.

Brief history: The Sisters of Charity of New York have structured their peace, justice and integrity of creation ministry in various ways over the years. The current Office of Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation, formed in September 2012, focuses on the 2011 Assembly call to address creation’s transformative energy, global poverty, human trafficking and immigration.

The PJIC Office carries out its mission and work through:

Four co-chaired committees: Currently there are four committees: Creation’s Transformative Energy, Global Poverty, Immigration, and Voting & Anti-Racism.

Collaboration and networking with local, regional, state, national and international organizations. See section on collaboration for information on issues and to take action.

Systemic Change: The Sisters of Charity of New York have been committed to systemic change for decades. We now expand our efforts with the Vincentian Family, Sisters of Charity Federation and others to act on behalf of justice from a contemplative heart. Click here to visit for systemic change resources.

United Nations presence through the Sisters of Charity Federation NGO. Click here to visit the website.

Sisters of Charity Corporate Responsibility and Alternative Investment. Click here to read statement.

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