The Sisters of Charity of New York are seeking a full time Director of Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates (LEFSA). The Director of LEFSA leads the team and advances the mission of the Associates. The Director embraces and fosters the Mission and Values of LEFSA and the Sisters of Charity. The Director strives to create an empowerment model by sustaining conditions that enable the community of LEFSA team members and volunteers to serve individuals living in shelters, temporary residences and on the streets.  The Director maintains communication and relationships between the team and external co-workers and donors as together they aim to develop and restore belief in the dignity and self- worth of each person. The Director keeps all focused on taking concrete steps to remove/lessen the causes of homelessness including advocating to change the system and structures that keep people oppressed. The Director prepares and manages the budget and implements long range plans. The Director needs to be concerned with social justice issues to guide those ministering to people who are living on the margins.  

General Responsibilities:

  • Advance and communicate the mission of the Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates to create faith communities with homeless persons in shelters, drop-in centers, addiction/recovery programs and temporary residences.
  • Act as a resource for LEFSA team members, volunteers and leaders of other groups committed to serving individuals living in shelters and on the streets, and related social justice initiatives that impact and help the community at large.
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual development and retreats for team, volunteers and people who are without homes.  Accompany, encourage, challenge, counsel, advise and build relationships with the LEFSA community.  Build an atmosphere where “communion” takes place. 
  • Maintain communications between LEFSA and Sisters of Charity Directors of Communication, Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance and Sponsorship Services.
  • Manage payroll for LEFSA team while working directly with Sisters of Charity payroll manager.
  • Work with an outside marketing company on maintaining website and social media and developing long range fundraising goals.
  • In addition to working with Development Office to increase the effort of fundraising, work with grant writer to prepare grant application and reports.
  • Prepare annual budget and manage budget and expenses for the Ministry, prepare quarterly and yearly reports, all in consultation with CFO of Sisters of Charity.
  • Network with various representatives, and civic and Church community members, to raise awareness of LEFSA and the needs of persons who are homeless. Participate in activities related to promoting the work of LEFSA and other networking and learning opportunities.
  • Represent LEFSA at various meetings.
  • Assist in preparing and conducting programs of Leadership Study Days, Men’s Group and Women’s Group, and retreats, with attention to schedules, arrangements, supplies, advertising (flyers) and food. Visit and facilitate groups in shelters. Coordinate various other events when an opportunity arises.
  • Attend weekly Team meetings and Team Enrichment meetings.
  • Coordinate communication with the LEFSA Advisory Committee, organize regular meetings and reports.
  • Work collaboratively as part of the LEFSA Team.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Commitment to and understanding of the Mission of the Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates and the history and values of the Sisters of Charity.
  • Master’s degree in Psychology, Sociology or related field preferred.
  • Minimum 3 years work experience in related field.
  • Excellent skills in communication, organization and human relations and financial management of budget.
  • Ability to travel to various locations and navigate public transportation system.
  • Ability to work evening and/or weekends, when required.
  • Experience with Church related communities in the workplace


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